Cupid's Pulse Article: Jersey Shore’s Angelina Goes on a Terrifying DateCupid's Pulse Article: Jersey Shore’s Angelina Goes on a Terrifying Date

In spite of leaving her castmates at Jersey Shore before the end of the season for the second time, Angelina’s reality TV career is far from over.  According to RadarOnline, just in time for Halloween, the Jersey girl appeared on IFC’s 5-part horror satire series, Dead Set.  It seems that Angelina may be trading in her tan juice head guidos for a much paler partner.  As part of IFC’s spoof, Angelina shocked the GTL off of her Jersey Shore cast mates by dating the undead.  Anyone who thinks their last blind date was bad can’t top Angelina’s date with a zombie.  Her disgust can be seen as she speaks in candid detail about why this zombie isn’t right for her.  Perhaps, next time she will look for guys on the boardwalk instead of at the graveyard.

What are some date deal breakers? Cupid’s Advice:

There is nothing like a bad date to ruin a perfectly good evening.  But, remember, going on a bad date isn’t your fault, staying on one is:

1. Disrespect: If your date makes hurtful comments about your appearance, family background, religion, or anything else, end the date immediately.  This is unacceptable behavior that doesn’t warrant a second of your attention.

2. Too touchy-feely: Though everyone has a different timeline when it comes to the sensual side with someone you have been dating, if  that’s all your date is interested in, there is no point in dating him/her.

3. No chemistry: Your date may be a great person, but there’s just something missing.  He/she may appear to be the perfect partner, but maybe just not for you.  Don’t feel guilty; at least you didn’t lead him on!