Cupid's Pulse Article: True Blood’s Joe Manganiello to Tie the KnotCupid's Pulse Article: True Blood’s Joe Manganiello to Tie the Knot

True love has found True Blood star Joe Manganiello.  According to People, the actor proposed to actress/model Audra Marie while on vacation in Italy.  But this couple’s romance didn’t start off easily.  “She wouldn’t go out with me for six months,” Manganiello told People in September. “We started dating a few months before I got cast [on True Blood].”  Now the couple are anything but coy, confessing exactly what attracts them to each other.  Manganiello says, “She’s sweet … nice.  And she makes crazy English breakfasts,” while Marie loves Maganiello’s “sense of humor, his work ethic and how humble he is with everything that has gone on.”

When does playing hard to get work?

Cupid’s Advice:

While honesty is key in a healthy relationship, being a little coy with your emotions in the beginning may be what it takes to get the spark going.  Cupid recommends when playing hard to get is a good thing:

1. Playing the game: Many people treat dating like a fun game, so not letting on right away can create a pursuit that will make finding out more about you a goal your crush is striving to achieve.  Bring on the excitement!

2. Adding mystery: By not immediately laying it all out there, you’re leaving something to the imagination.  Your romantic interest will have to ask you out again to get more info about you, ensuring a second or even third date.

3. Playing it safe: While it’ll take your potential partner longer to learn more about you, it’ll also take you longer to learn about him/her, allowing you to truly get to know the person you could be dating before you get too serious.