Cupid's Pulse Article: Joe Jonas Is “Head over Heels” for Ashley GreeneCupid's Pulse Article: Joe Jonas Is “Head over Heels” for Ashley Greene

Despite being spotted holding hands at a Walgreen’s and on a date at Disneyland, pop singer Joe Jonas and Twilight star Ashley Greene have been keeping their relationship under wraps.  Recently, a source told People that”[Joe] is head over heels for [Ashley].  He thinks she is down-to-earth and absolutely beautiful.  He hasn’t been this into a girl in a long time.”  The couple have only been dating a few months, but things appear to be moving quickly – rumors circulated that Greene recently took Jonas home to meet her parents.

Why is it dangerous to fall in love so fast?

Cupid’s Advice:

You can’t help who you fall in love with, but you can control the pace.  If thing’s are moving too quickly, the relationship might fizzle before it has a chance to grow.  Cupid says proceed slowly for the following reasons:

1. Missing out on the little things: If you rush into a relationship, you may overlook little quirks, pet peeves and the natural process of getting to know one another.  Taking the fast track could have consequences that ultimately destroy any hope for coupledom before you begin.

2. Feelings might not be there:  As they say, many people are “in love with love” and will rush a relationship to get to that place.  The problem is that when that initial phase is over you may be left with someone who you don’t really love.  By taking your time, you’ll have a better chance to get to know one another.

3. It’s all-consuming: Like Greene and Jonas’, a rushed relationship can take up all of your free time and alienate you from the rest of the world.  If a split happens, you my find that you have fewer friendships and family relationships to fall back on.