Cupid's Pulse Article: Al Gore’s Daughter Has Marriage Troubles Of Her OwnCupid's Pulse Article: Al Gore’s Daughter Has Marriage Troubles Of Her Own

Just shortly after her parents announced their divorce, Al Gore’s eldest daughter’s own separation was announced this week.  Kareanna Gore Schiff and husband, Andrew Schiff, have been married for 13 years, and have three children together.  A source close to the couple told People that the split is amicable.  During their marriage, the couple balanced their busy personal and work lives to remain involved in each others’ lives.  They are not formally divorced, and are seeing a marriage counselor during their separation.

Can a separation really lead to something other than divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

Gore Schiff and her husband have always found a way to make their marriage work, even if it meant becoming involved in each others’ professional lives.  While a separation may lead to divorce, it can also be a time of healing and solving problems – leading to a better marriage in the future.

1. Acknowledge the issues: Separation happens for a reason.  It’s important to talk about things without bias.  Both parties have contributed to the split, and in order to move on, each person needs to recognize their respective faults.

2. Learn to live alone: In marriage, many people live for for each other and forget who they are without the relationship.   It’s important to be on your own again.  You must be confident in yourself as an individual before you can be confident in your relationship.

3. Move one step at a time: Working from a separation back to marriage takes time, and won’t be solved overnight.  It’s a process.  If it doesn’t happen, at least you know that you’ve tried.