Cupid's Pulse Article: J.Lo’s Ex Seeks Revenge on ‘American Idol’Cupid's Pulse Article: J.Lo’s Ex Seeks Revenge on ‘American Idol’

In an apparent attempt to lengthen his 15 minutes of fame, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, Ojani Noa, has just announced that he plans to audition for American Idol.  Ironically, this revelation came immediately after J.Lo was named an Idol judge on the hit show.  According to E! Online, Noa is intent on singing one of Lopez’s songs in front of the judges after hours of standing in line with the other contestants at the Forum on Sept. 22.  Awkward is probably the best word to describe this post-split meeting between the former couple.

How should you handle a vengeful ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

Seeking revenge on an ex is never the best course of action and rarely brings closure to either party.  However, if you are victim of an ex’s constant harassment, you need to protect yourself without making the situation worse.

1. Try to work it out: If you hear anything about your ex feeling vengeful, this may be the time to meet in a neutral location and talk things over.  Tell your ex that he has every right to be angry, but that hurting you as a result is taking things too far.

2. Ignore it: If you can’t get to your ex in time, and he starts sending you cruel text messages or spreading rumors, ignoring his actions can put a quick stop to them.  Remember the old adage “misery loves company.”  If he sees that he’s not getting to you, he’ll have no motivation to continue.

3. Legal action: Most of the time it doesn’t come to this.  However, if you are being stalked, threatened, or physically hurt, you need to seek legal action, perhaps in the form of a restraining order.

Revenge may be the wrong course of action, but celebrities aren’t innocent to taking part.