Cupid's Pulse Article: Hulk Hogan Supports Ex’s EngagementCupid's Pulse Article: Hulk Hogan Supports Ex’s Engagement

Wrestler Hulk Hogan wishes his ex-wife Linda the best of luck with her engagement to 21-year-old Charlie Hill, RadarOnline reported last week.  Though the exes have had troubles since their divorce, Hogan says he is “ecstatic” over his ex-wife’s engagement.  Linda Hogan and Hill will reportedly marry next summer, and have been dating since 2008.

How should you react when an ex gets serious with someone new?

Cupid’s Advice:

>Although Hulk Hogan initially had some problems with his ex-wife’s new – and much younger – love interest, he eventually supported the situation.  While you might not agree with an ex’s new choice in love, it’s important to be the bigger person, and at the very least, keep things cordial.

1. Hey! No technology: Cryptic tweets and Facebook statuses are still obvious to anyone who knows you or your ex.  If you have something to say and can’t tell your ex in person, then don’t post it on your profile where anyone can see it.

2. Be open: In the event that your ex still wants you in his or her life, you’ll most likely meet the new partner.  Don’t back down from this situation, and be as open-minded as possible when meeting him or her.

3. Back off: Once the first encounter has happened and the new relationship is in full swing, let your ex be the one to determine where things go.  You are not the one in the potentially fragile new relationship.  Be as supportive as you can, and as involved as your ex wants you to be.