Cupid's Pulse Article: Jane Krakowski Won’t ElopeCupid's Pulse Article: Jane Krakowski Won’t Elope

30 Rock star Jane Krakowski told People magazine last week that she and her designer fiancé, Robert Godley, will not elope Ã  la Calista Flockheart, her Ally McBeal costar.  Krakowski and Godley became engaged over the holidays this past year, but have no wedding plans as of yet.  The actress did reveal, however, that though elopement is not for her, she does think it fits Flockheart and husband Harrison Ford.

How do you know if elopement is for you?

Cupid’s Advice:

Eloping is a personal decision that can only be made between you and your partner.  Before you jump on a plane to Vegas, read Cupid’s advice to see if it’s right for you:

1. Family: Though the wedding is ultimately about you, you may want to first consider the thoughts of your family before making the decision.  Bring up the idea of eloping and see how mom reacts.

2. Serendipity: Are you a spontaneous couple?  Do you believe in the fates and flying by the seat of your pants?  If not, a spur of the moment commitment may not be in your best interest.  Planners and list-makers beware.

3. Money matters: For couples that are tight on cash, an elopement is often cheaper than a full-blown wedding.  Depending on where you go, it can double as a honeymoon, thus saving even more time, planning, and even your wallet.