Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2′ Recap Episode 4: Blake Julian Gives Holly Durst a RoseCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2′ Recap Episode 4: Blake Julian Gives Holly Durst a Rose

With Jake Pavelka eliminated, a new love triangle — involving Blake, Holly and Michael — has emerged on this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad 2. This week’s challenge might have ended some relationships and put a spark on others.

Kissing Contest:

Chris Harrison claims this contest was the most popular competition last season, but it didn’t seem like the contestants wanted to take part it in this year.  To set a good example for her 6-year-old daughter, Michelle Money backed out of the challenge.  The ladies are first, and once they’re blindfolded, they are kissed by every guy.  When the winners were announced, Chris states that they won with an overwhelming majority of the votes.

Challenge Winners: Blake Julian and Ella Nolan

Immunity and Dates:

Ella chooses Kirk for her date, which involves driving a red Ferrari to the Casa Bachelor Annex, where they have dinner.  Kirk tells Ella about his life-threatening battle with mold, and Ella talks about witnessing her mother’s murder.  She gives him a rose, and then they ride on a hot air balloon.

Blake invites Holly on a date, which naturally causes Melissa to throw a tantrum.  They head to a ski slope on a private jet, and later spend time in front of a fire, where Blake asks Holly about her feelings toward Michael Stagliano.  Holly decides to spend the night with Blake at the log cabin, while viewers get to see Michael alone in the pad, pining for his ex-fiancée.

Back at ‘The Pad’:

Michael and Holly:

Holly confesses to Michael that she kissed Blake and he breaks down, admitting that he’s falling in love with her again.  She’s torn between him and Blake.

Kasey and William:

As usual, the girls vote off a guy and vice versa.  As the girls wonder whether to eliminate Kasey or William, Kasey comes up with a strategy that’s he’s sure will save him.  He tells Ella and Kirk, “I’m not trying to sell a story, but just know that the money is necessary for my grandma to live.”


Meanwhile, the guys join forces to vote Melissa off instead of Vienna because of all the drama she causes.  “I can’t imagine the amount of hell Melissa causes Blake, because I don’t even speak to her and I feel like she drains the life out of me,” says Graham.  When William tells Melissa he voted for her, she freaks out and asks every guy to save her from elimination.


When all of the roses are handed out, William and Melissa are left empty-handed.  While in the limo, they both shed tears — Melissa more so — and in voice-over, Michelle says “Melissa deserves all the happiness in the world” and William didn’t deserve to be eliminated.


Our bet is still on Michelle Money, Michael Stagliano and Ella Nolan.

Stay tune for next week’s recap.  In the meantime, if you have questions about the Bachelor Pad 2, send them in.  We will have former winners, Natalie Getz and David Good with us all season to answer them.