Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2’: David Good and Natalie Getz Share their Views and Predictions for the New SeasonCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor Pad 2’: David Good and Natalie Getz Share their Views and Predictions for the New Season

By Jennifer Harrington and Lori Bizzoco

Last summer, Bachelor/Bachelorette alums Natalie Getz and David Good teamed up, strategized and became the co-winners of $250,000 on the first season of ABC’s spinoff series, Bachelor Pad.  Now, with the drama meter boiling over from this summer’s most intense cast of characters, ABC just might have a winner on its hands with Bachelor Pad 2.  I mean, who isn’t anxiously waiting for Vienna and Jake to go at it again or to see how Michelle Money is planning to play the game?

No matter what your motivation is for watching Bachelor Pad 2, if you want some insight and perspective on the cast, you’ve definitely come to the right place.  We spoke to the former Bachelor Pad winners, Natalie Getz and David Good, to find out their thoughts on the new season and what it takes to win.

We love their candidness and you will too.  In fact, you’ll be hearing a lot more from them this season as they join us every Monday evening to answer your burning Bachelor Pad 2 questions.  So, if you’re curious about the season, or maybe what goes on behind-the-scenes, send us your questions or Tweet them to @cupidspulse.  We will choose a few to feature the very next day on our site.

Now, here’s Natalie and David’s take on what’s in store:

Who are you most excited to see in the mansion this season?

Natalie: When David and I were on the show, we had strong, unintentional friendships with several of the cast mates.  Bachelor Pad wasn’t even in existence when we all became friends with each other; our friendships were pure and innocent.  Now that the show is in a second season, all of these “friendships” were made out of pure strategy for Bachelor Pad 2.  I was shocked when I found out Jake agreed to do the show.  I’m most excited to see the drama unfold between the Kasey/Vienna/Jake triangle.  Days Of Our Lives couldn’t come up with a storyline this dramatic and intense.  This season is going to be hilariously dramatic.

David: I like all of the couples and former couples.  There are a few in there with screws loose, which is going to make for great TV.  I can’t wait to see how Michelle Money does.  She is so sweet in real life and I want to see it come through on this show.

Any early predictions for couples hooking up or – in the case of Vienna and Kasey- breaking up?

Natalie: I don’t think Vienna and Kasey will break up.  They are so in love it’s exhausting.  They’ll stick by each other’s sides no matter what.  I’m sure they will be fighting due to the nature of the game, but no break up.  I bet there will be a ton of hook-ups based on knowing the cast’s history.  We already read that Ames and Jackie are a couple.  I can also see Graham Bunn and Michelle Money hitting it off.

David: Oh yeah!  I would say a lot of hooking up, and with all the pressure it’s sure to put a strain on Vienna and Kasey’s relationship.

Everyone’s wondering what it will be like having Jake and Vienna in the same house.  Do you think there’s any chance that they’ll be able to co-exist?

Natalie:It will be very interesting to watch this play out.  My guess is that Jake will take the fake road, I mean high road, and instantly apologize to Kasey and Vienna.  I’m sure he will play the victim and I can guarantee you that Vienna will not fall for it.  Be prepared to see Jake pull out all of the stops to regain the love of the fans and cast.

David: I really don’t see that going well.  Neither of them will be able to hold back their emotions and they’ll probably end up crying and yelling at each other.

Some people are saying Ames may have a good chance at advancing far because he is so extremely polite.  In your experience, does being polite get you anywhere in this game?

Natalie: Being polite gets you further than most people think.  People would feel bad voting off someone who is not on one side or the other.  In the beginning of the game, staying neutral is the safest place to be.  The third episode is a good time to choose a side.  He is in the perfect position, taking the stealth approach and choosing a side towards the middle.  That’s what Peyton did, and it got her far without knowing anyone prior to moving into the Pad.

David: Being polite will get you only so far.  You still have to play the game and step on some toes every now and then.

We know Michelle Money was a member of the Bachelorette Beatdown with the both of you, how do you think she’ll do on Bachelor Pad 2?  She was very sneaky and strategic on The Bachelor, will she change up her game or play the same way?

Natalie: In real life, Michelle is very kind-hearted and a great friend. She is a go-getter and will definitely play this game as hard as she can.  She won’t be sneaky, but she will be very strategic by sticking to her word and alliances.  I predict her going very far.

David:I think she’ll do great!  She is smart, witty and can play the game very well.  She can be a top contender.

What advice would you give those entering the Mansion?  Any tips for finding love and money?

Natalie: My advice is to do exactly what I did during my time in the house.  I love meeting new people, so I befriended all of the new comers right away.  I found “temporary” love with Jesse Beck and nearly forgot about the game aspect, because I was having so much fun and being myself.  I quickly realized by keeping this approach, I would keep myself safe to the end.  No one ever had a reason to kick me out.  Don’t make enemies, don’t lie, don’t back stab or talk behind anyone’s back, because it will all come out.  This game is not about winning competitions and being strategic, it’s about forming friendships.  The winner is the one who has the most sincere friendships in the house.

David: Don’t look for love here.  It’s a shady place, but do play the game with honesty and integrity – even if others aren’t.  Because if people know they can trust you, you will get far!

Do you think the rules will be the same this season or do you think the producers will change it up since everyone knows how the game works after watching Season 1?

Natalie: I think we’ll see better competitions and maybe a couple tiny changes to dates and rose ceremonies, but I don’t think they’ll make drastic changes.  But, I hope they change the ending.  I want one person to walk away with the money.  It would make for such better TV to watch the final couple battle it out.  They can’t repeat the “share or keep” game that David and I played in the end, because it wouldn’t be a surprise.

David: I would have to say they are going to change some things up.  They are really smart when it comes to that stuff.

What’s your early prediction for a winner this season?

Natalie: Michael Stagliano.  He is something else!  His heart is made of gold.  He is not only genuine, lovable, endearing and cute; he is also hands down one of the funniest people I know.  No one will ever want to kick him out.  When I saw his name on the cast list I thought to myself, “there is no competition.”  They may as well hand Stagliano the money!  Now it will be interesting to see who rides his coattails to the finish line.

David: Michelle Money or my boy Mike Stagliano.

Be sure to tune into the premiere of Bachelor Pad 2 tonight on ABC, and each week, we’ll be checking in with David and Natalie to get their thoughts on the episode.  As you’re watching, send us your questions for them.  You never know…it could be answered on our site the following day.