Cupid's Pulse Article: Former ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Jesse Csincsak Talks About Ashley Hebert’s Fiji Dates and Her Final Two MenCupid's Pulse Article: Former ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Jesse Csincsak Talks About Ashley Hebert’s Fiji Dates and Her Final Two Men

Last night on The Bachelorette, Ryan Park paid Ashley Hebert a visit and asked for a second chance, while Constantine Tzortzis said goodbye after revealing that his relationship and love was not developing fast enough for her. Ben Flajnik and J.P. Rosenbaum are the remaining two men, and The Bachelorette now understands that this is a two way street. Here’s what Bachelorette expert Jesse Csincsak had to say about the episode:

Jess Csincsak Tells All About The Bachelorette

Were you surprised to see Ryan return? Should Chris Harrison have given Ashley a head’s up that she was going to have a “surprise visitor”?

This was a simple case of the producers saying jump and Ryan asking how high! I think the producers are teasing him with being the next Bachelor, and he wants it so bad that he can taste it. That’s why he is doing all of this dramatic nonsense. He reminds me of a few characters from past seasons who wanted to be the next Bachelor so bad — Jake Pavelka, Ed S. and Reid R. from season 5 and Jeremy A. from season 4.

What do you think about Ben’s admission that he was “unavailable” at the beginning of the journey? Is this type of admission a red flag to you?

I think J.P. and Ben’s edits are so chopped up that we will never really know what is what. I think production was trying to even the playing field with this episode by editing, so both of the final two guys look like they are at the same point with Ashley.

These contestants are always taken to places where they jump off cliffs, swim with sharks, etc. What if a contestant is afraid of these feats or they simply don’t  know how to swim? How do they get around doing these activities?

Production has you fill out a 1200 question test before you go on the show. Therefore, the participants know all of this beforehand, and the producers plan which dates to give each person.

We heard over and over again that Ashley and Constantine need more time. Given all they wanted was more time, do you think Constantine should have taken advantage of the fantasy suite to get to know her a little bit better and develop their relationship and love?

Constantine was real, and as far as I am concerned, he is the man!  There was no fantasy suite needed.

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Do you think it’s a bit unreasonable for Ashley to expect all of the guys to fall in love with her and be ready to propose marriage after just a few weeks of knowing each other?

I think Ashley totally understands it’s a two way street. Even at this point, no one expects anything.

Typically, by the overnight dates, we see several confessions of love for the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Do you think it’s weird or simply realistic that both J.P. and Ben are holding back on “I love you” for now?

I think it’s totally real, and all three of them are guarded. That’s why we haven’t heard them say “I love you.”

What Is Important For a Real Relationship and Love?

Ashley confides that she is more “compatible” with Ben and that J.P. “compliments” her. In relationships and love, what do you think is more important — being compatible or complimenting your significant other?

I think both are important, but at the end of the day, love alone will be what gets people through the tough times in a Hollywood relationship.

Ashley makes a big deal about the guys accepting her roses this week, and it being a two-way street. When you were on the show, did you give a lot of thought to the acceptance of the rose each week?

The show has changed a lot since I was on it. Back then, there wasn’t as much emphasis on accepting a rose.

So now we know who the final two men are at the last rose ceremony.  What’s your prediction?

Well, since all of the idiots spoiled the show for everyone, we all know who Ashley will choose.

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It looks like Bentley will be back for The Men Tell All. Do you think we’ll learn anything new about him and his mind games next week, or do you suspect having him join the reunion is all about the ratings?

Somehow, I don’t believe Bentley comes back to the actual The Men Tell All. I think they just interviewed him separately because the real guys would rip him apart!

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