Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 7, Episode 9: Final Two Men RemainingCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 7, Episode 9: Final Two Men Remaining

By Jennifer Harrington

Last night’s episode on The Bachelorette quickly reminded me that this season was almost over. The thought alone got my adrenaline racing, not because I wanted to see who Ashley Hebert would choose but because it brought me one week closer to the upcoming drama that is almost guaranteed on the Bachelor/Bachelorette spin-off, Bachelor Pad.  Until then, here’s the scoop on Hebert!

The Bachelorette journeyed back to Asia for overnight dates with the remaining three bachelors: Ben Flajnik, Constantine Tzortzis, and J.P.  Rosenbaum. Last week’s hometown dates seemed to be a big step in the right direction for our leading lady, and after arriving in Fiji, she remarked that it was the “ultimate place to fall in love.”  Keeping in mind that this week’s preview promised a few last surprises for the brunette, here’s a recap of what this episode had in store for her.

Final Two Men On This Season of The Bachelorette

The episode opened up with Hebert primping for her date with Flajnik when all of a sudden there’s a knock on the door. She opens it, and there is Ryan Park, who was kicked off two episodes ago, standing there making a plea for her to reconsider after he just flew halfway around the world to confess his lingering feelings for her. It looks like a foreshadowing to him being the next Bachelor! He says that he wants a “full chance” and catches the bachelorette off-guard and left speechless. They mutually decided that she will reach out to him with an answer if she’s interested. Now, it’s time for her date with Flajnik.

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The duo spent the day together snorkeling in Fiji’s turquoise waters and frolicking like kids as they rubbed suntan lotion on one another.  We learn that the date helps to solidify Flajnik’s love for Hebert, who feels like she has known him forever. It’s no surprise to hear him say their time together is effortless. The date is followed by a candlelight dinner and the acceptance of the fantasy suite invitation. While he is hesitant to say “I love you” to Hebert, she declared they are in the midst of a “great love story.”

An End To A Relationship and Love

Next up was Tzortzis. We know that Hebert is attracted to this “Greek God,” but she continues to reinforce that their relationship and love  is moving very slowly. Slow-moving or not, as the famous couple embarks upon a day of exploring in a helicopter, it’s obvious that the relationship between the bachelorette and the restaurant owner is lacking in the sizzle department. Initially, she suspected that all they needed was more time to flourish, but a revealing conversation over dinner puts a quick end to it all. He explains that his feelings aren’t developing as fast and rather than accept an invitation to the fantasy suite and all that implies, the Atlanta native decides Fiji is the “end of the road” and says goodbye.

After reflecting a bit upon Tzortzis’s decision to leave, the bachelorette decides it’s time to chat with Park, who has been waiting patiently for a second chance with his celebrity love. The talk she has with the solar executive is almost the exact conversation they had several weeks ago; while Park is everything she wants on paper, their relationship and love is lacking passion.  Confessing she has found the spark she needs with the two other remaining bachelors, she says “farewell” to him…AGAIN.

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Rosenbaum had the final date this week. It is adventure-packed as they fly around the islands in a sea plane and take a romantic swim in the ocean. He shares that he is “definitely falling in love.”  Throughout the course of the day, we hear that Rosenbaum is ready for the end of the journey and to accept the final rose — he wants Hebert to be his wife. It’s no suprise that he’s been her rock throughout this bumpy journey, and at dinner in the jungle, she shares with him her “surprises” of the week. There are no secrets between these two as he accepts her invitation to the fantasy suite.

Even though Tzortzis had packed his bags and left Fiji, the bachelorette still wanted to have a rose ceremony. His decision to leave made her realize this process is really a two-way street, and she wanted to give the remaining men the opportunity to truly “accept” the roses she offered. Both men accepted the roses, and she rejoiced in the fact that her happy ending (and a celebrity engagement!) were in the very near future for her.

Who do you think she will pick to be her husband?  To get an expert’s pick on the final two, check back later today for our Q&A with Bachelorette expert Jesse Csincsak. And don’t forget to set your DVR’s for Sunday night and The Men Tell All episode!