Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid Exclusive: Former Bachelorette Winner Jesse Csincsak Gives His Take on Ashley Hebert’s Hong Kong ActionCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid Exclusive: Former Bachelorette Winner Jesse Csincsak Gives His Take on Ashley Hebert’s Hong Kong Action

As we all saw last night on The Bachelorette, it was an emotional evening for Ashley.  She put a “period” on her “dot dot dot” relationship with Bentley and had to confess her secret meeting (and feelings) for the bad boy to the remaining bachelors. Here’s what our resident Bachelorette expert Jesse Csincsak had to say about the episode:

We’ve been waiting for Bentley to return for weeks.  When Ashley spoke with him in Hong Kong, were you surprised by anything he said to her?

Bentley is so used to talking to girls until they are totally confused, and then they just do exactly what he wants.  Nothing Bentley said to Ashley last night made any sense!

We all know Bentley was never truly interested in Ashley.  So why do you think he kept saying things like if things didn’t work out with her and the guys, she had the option of looking him up in Salt Lake City?

He figured worst case scenario, “we can hook up”!  That’s it.

It was good to see Ashley finally get mad at Bentley.  What do you think happened for her to see the light and realize he was a jerk?

You have to remember a lot happens in the editing room.  There could have been hours of conversation we didn’t see, so there is no telling what set her off. It could have been as simple as the producers telling her about his antics; who knows!

Ames surprised Ashley with the kiss in the elevator. What were your thoughts during the steamy elevator smooch?

I think Ames kissed her in the elevator because the producers got him drunk and told him to do it. That was not an Ames move! An Ames move would have been reciting her poetry in a foreign language!

We’ve heard many times that the other guys don’t like Ryan. Do you think he acts different around Ashley, and do you see a spark between them?

I think Ryan is being kept there by producers. He is getting roses because it creates drama, which is great TV. There is no real connection there in my book.

Ashley confided in J.P. during their one-on-one date. This was a brave move — do you think she did it because she feels J.P. may be “the one” she selects for the final rose, and she wants a clear conscience as she moves forward in the journey with him?

ABC is trying to sell us J.P. as the winner. I think J.P. is getting way to much camera time to be the winner; usually the winner is a sleeper that doesn’t get a lot of camera time. I could see Mickey coming back during the Exotic Dates and becoming one of the final two. With that being said, I think Ashley telling J.P. was all produced!

Some of the guys had pretty strong reactions when they found out Ashley had seen Bentley again. Did you expect the response from the guys, and which guy’s reaction surprised you the most?

I wasn’t surprised by the reactions at all. I loved that Mickey went home; that’s an Ohio boy for you! I would have done the same thing. Mickey – I got nothing but love for you, bro!

Blake was the guy to go home this week. Why do you think Ashley sent him home?

I think Blake got sent home simply because he called Ashley out.

Ashley was extremely emotional this week. Even though the “dot dot dot” with Bentley is over, do you think Ashley is in the right frame of mind to fall in love?

I think Ashley knows exactly what she wants. I think that the production end of the show is just slowing the process down. She needs to just do whatever it is that she would normally do and not try to please producers. The show would come across a lot better!


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