Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 7, Episode 6: Closure in Hong KongCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 7, Episode 6: Closure in Hong Kong

By Jennifer Harrington

After Ashley Hebert’s confession to host Chris Harrison last week in Thailand and sneak peeks from ABC, it was no surprise that this week’s drama would center around Bentley Williams. Before the dates could start in Hong Kong, our bachelorette was treated to a private meeting with the bad boy. In the privacy of Williams’s hotel room, the pair had an honest conversation about Hebert’s feelings about their “dot dot dot” romance. After the villain said, “I feel like where you’re at in this process and journey, we should call it a period,” the bachelorette finally seemed to see his true colors. As she walked away from his room, she called him a “player” and shared that she felt “liberated” to move forward in her relationships and love with the remaining bachelors. With that chaos in the past, this week’s reality TV episode would feature two one-on-one dates as well as a group date.

Recap of Episode 6 of The Bachelorette Season 7

First up was a one-on-one date with Lucas Daniels. Daniels, who had three hopes for the date (a kiss, a dance, and a rose) was treated to a day of exploring Hong Kong and a romantic sail around the harbor. All of his hopes for the evening were fulfilled, as he went home that evening with a rose after enjoying a slow dance and his first kiss with Miss Hebert. She expressed her delight in the evening by sharing that he makes her “feel protected.”

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Next up was the group date, which included Ryan Park, Constantine Tzortzis, Ben Flajnik, Mickey McLean, Ames Brown, and Blake Julian. This date card sparked controversy because it meant that both Park and Julian still had not gone on one-on-one dates with the bachelorette, while J.P. Rosenbaum would be going on his second one-on-one date. The group date activity centered around the local pastime of dragonboat racing, where the guys were paired off and given the task of finding locals to fill their boats for the race. After Team McLean and Brown won the race, the gang hung out at an after-party. During the party, Hebert was treated to lots of kisses from her handsome men — including a smooch from Brown in the elevator and a steamy kiss from Flajnik on the rooftop! To the shock of all the guys, the group date rose went to Park.

The final date was for Rosenbaum, and the date card suggested the lovebirds would take “a peek into the future.” Last night’s episode certainly made it look like the two would be paired in the future! The bachelorette confided in him about her conversation with Williams, and the hunky construction manager was supportive of his lady, noting “tonight has been so perfect.” Of course, he was given a rose.

Fresh off of her confession with Rosebaum, Hebert decided to update the rest of the guys about Williams at the rose ceremony.  Given Rosenbaum had taken it so well, I guess she thought the others would too. She was surprised, as most of the remaining bachelors were quite upset by her announcement. The worst reactions came from Daniels, McLean, and Julian. McLean, who felt the bachelorette was dishonest, asked her to send him home and ended up leaving on his own before the rose ceremony. With only one person remaining now to send home, the unlucky fellow was Julian.

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Be sure to check back later today for our Bachelorette expert Jesse Csincsak’s take on the Hong Kong dates! In the meantime, let us know: are you convinced that Ashley has the closure she needs from Bentley to move on and fall in love?