Cupid's Pulse Article: Are Jersey Shore’s Sammi and Ronnie Back Together?Cupid's Pulse Article: Are Jersey Shore’s Sammi and Ronnie Back Together?

This “situation” just got more interesting.  Jersey Shore‘s Sammi Sweetheart and Ronni Ortiz-Magro were caught sharing a PDA performance in Italy, according to RadarOnline.  The on-again-off-again duo ended things at the end of season three in an over-dramatic style, but the romance is appearing to bud again while in Europe.  The cast is heading back over to Jersey to finish filming the fourth installment of Jersey Shore, confirmed a source from MTV, which is set to premiere August 4.

What are some reasons to reconcile with your ex-partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s hard to come back together after a fight, but Cupid has some ways to help you work things out:

1. Closure: You don’t have to necessarily get back together with your ex, but just talking things out and moving past it is a good enough reason to make up.

2. Seek forgiveness: You may have guilt built up from when your relationship ended.  Apologizing for whatever happened can help you move on and possibly rekindle a friendship.

3. Still got feelings: Perhaps you want to try things again with your ex, and letting go of any previous arguments builds a solid foundation for your comeback.

Would you ever get back together with a former lover? Tell Cupid about it below.