Cupid's Pulse Article: Scott Disick Questions Kourtney Kardashian’s Interior Design ChoicesCupid's Pulse Article: Scott Disick Questions Kourtney Kardashian’s Interior Design Choices

Kourtney Kardashian’s latest obsession is redecorating her new home that she shares with longtime boyfriend, Scott Disick.  However, according to People, Disick is a little creeped out by his other half’s over the top design choices and her uncanny love for checkered patterns. “Our house looks like it’s out of Beetlejuice,” commented Scott Disick on their $1.7 Million home in Los Angeles.  So far, he’s gone along with Kardashian’s unique decorating ideas. “If she’s into it, let her have her fun,” he said. “I hang out in the garage.”

How do you compromise on design choices as a couple?

Cupid’s Advice:

Though a couple may be very much in love, they may also have very different tastes when it comes to interior decorating.  Considering how much time we spend at home, this could become a serious issue in your relationship.  Cupid has some tips:

1. Go with it: In every relationship you have to pick your battles.  If in the end, the decor really isn’t that big a deal to you or is something you could get used to, it may not be worth it to pick a fight, especially if designing makes your partner happy.

2. Compromise: If one person chooses the sofa and the other picks out the coffee table, both of you can be happy.

3. Get a man/woman cave: Establishing a part of the house that is all your own can actually strengthen your relationship and satisfy your decorating needs.

How did you compromise with your partner on design themes? Share your experience below.