Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Hills’ Alum Holly Montag Is Dating Audrina Patridge’s Ex Justin BobbyCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Hills’ Alum Holly Montag Is Dating Audrina Patridge’s Ex Justin Bobby

The ladies of The Hills are at it again!  According to, Holly Montag is enjoying a taste of Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari’s sloppy thirds and has decided to attempt a relationship with known bad boy Justin “Bobby.”  One source close to the couple says, “They’re dating and have been for awhile”.  Maybe the third time’s the charm for Justin Bobby … or maybe not.

Is it important to take a person’s past into account pre-relationship? Cupid’s Advice:

When entering into a new relationship, many of us try to look at it as a fresh start and let the past be the past. But, is it even possible to change?  Cupid has some things to think about when looking into your partner’s old flings:

1. How it ended: Sometimes things just don’t work out, but it’s important to look at why they didn’t. If your partner and his or her ex ended amicably, then there may not be much to inquire about.  But, if there’s bad blood, you might consider finding out more details.

2. Did he learn from it?: Of course people make mistakes, and every mistake is a learning experience. One of the important things to look at when asking about a prior relationship that ended badly, is if he exhibits the same behavior that was previously an issue.

3. Level of commitment: Did your partner have a few serious relationships, or did he just jump around? Gauging his/her’s level of commitment from their previous partner(s) allows you a glimpse at what to expect.

Did your partner learn from his past mistakes in order to make a fresh start? Share your story below.