Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘90210’ Alum Ian Ziering Welcomes First ChildCupid's Pulse Article: ‘90210’ Alum Ian Ziering Welcomes First Child

Former 90210 star Ian Ziering has a new ray of sunshine in his life, and it’s not from Beverly Hills.  His wife Erin gave birth last week to their first child, Mia Loren.  “Erin and I are very excited to be parents,” Ziering told E! Online in October.  “It’s something we both have always wanted.”  The new father is more prepared than his 90210 character Steve Sanders, who was expecting with girlfriend Lindsay Price on the show.  “Well, it’s official, I’m a dad!” he posted via Facebook.  “As I sit holding Mia, Erin sleeps the most beautiful sleep.  My thoughts race with visions of a brighter future, only made possible by what happens today… or, last night!  God bless us all.”  Best of luck to these new proud parents.

How do you know when you’re ready to have children?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having a baby is a big step for couples, and isn’t anything to rush.  Children change lives, and both partners need to be ready for the adjustment.  Before considering it, ask yourself these questions:

1. Can you afford to support yourself and a baby?: Make sure you’re financially stable, you have enough space and that your partner will be able to pay child support in the event of a separation.  Money is a crucial factor to consider when having a baby.  You need to make sure you are both committed to paying the child’s expenses.

2. How serious is the relationship?: Analyze your relationship.  Do you plan on getting married or moving in together?  How long have you been together?  You need to think about your future as a couple before deciding on babies.

3. Are you ready to make sacrifices?: Remember, once you have children, they are your responsibility for the next eighteen years.  If you’re finishing school, job hunting or simply love going out, perhaps it’s best to wait awhile. Even the biggest dreams are put on hold when a baby is born.

What are some other important factors to consider before having kids?  Share your thoughts below.