Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Amazing Race’ Couple Christina Hsu and Azaria Azene Get MarriedCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Amazing Race’ Couple Christina Hsu and Azaria Azene Get Married

A father-daughter Amazing Race duo had to make a quick pit stop … at the wedding altar, reports People.  Ron Hsu, 61, and his daughter Christina, 29, were teammates on season 12 of the hit reality “game” show, and Christina met her future husband,  Azaria Azene, in the process.  “After filming we would talk on the phone as friends and now we’ve been together for over three years,” Christina said.  “I can’t explain it — the gift of true love.  I feel very lucky.  We have a lot of common goals and values and we both love traveling, exploring, and growing.  We had a great foundation.”

Where are some unlikely places to meet a potential partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

There’s an old saying that you’ll meet your lover when you least expect it.  Here are some off-the-wall places you could meet your next partner:

1. Public county love library: Most people, when looking for books at the public library, are not finding the Kama Sutra.

2. Go team!: How many of your friends go to professional sporting events looking for a date or a spouse?  Then again, a partner who has common interests in sports may lead to a solid foundation.

3. Paper or plastic?: For most guys, shopping trips are in, out and back on in life.  Finding a new lover while picking out fresh fruit could make a great love story at a wedding.

Know of any hot spots to meet new partners?  Tell Cupid about it in a comment below.