Cupid's Pulse Article: Michael Douglas’ Ex Is Still Going After His MoneyCupid's Pulse Article: Michael Douglas’ Ex Is Still Going After His Money

Michael Douglas has a lot to be happy about these days, what with beating cancer and enjoying time with his beautiful wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.  It seems the only drama plaguing the actor these days is his ex-wife, Diandra, according to E! Online. It seems that she is still going after his money, which in this case means half of his profits from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  How is she justifying her case, you ask?  Well, apparently Douglas became Gordon Gekko while they were still married, which entitles her to part of the earnings.  What won’t Diandra do for money?

How do you tell if your partner is only after your money?

Cupid’s Advice:

One of the worst things is to fall in love with someone and then realize they’re only with you for your bank account.  Cupid’s got some advice on how to tell before it’s too late:

1. You pay every time: One of the easiest ways to tell if your partner is overly interested in your funds is to pay attention to his or her offers to pay.  Do you pay for everything or does your partner share in the expenses?

2. Expensive suggestions: If your partner never seems content just hanging out and always wants to do extravagant things on your dime, that’s probably a bad sign.  Pay attention to your activities as a couple.

3. Quality time alone: If your mate seems reluctant to hang out with you one-on-one and just doesn’t seem too “into” quality time together, it may mean that he or she is interested in something besides your personality … perhaps your money.

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