Cupid's Pulse Article: Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Are “Taking a Break”Cupid's Pulse Article: Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen Are “Taking a Break”

The OC actress, Rachel Bilson, and Star Wars: Episode II star, Hayden Christensen, are reportedly taking a break from their engagement, a source told last weekend.  The couple engaged quietly in 2008; however when asked about the wedding by the US Magazine at the TQH/Take No Prisoners Party, Bilson replied, “No, no plans,” and pointed to her ringless finger.  A source told the magazine that the couple is “taking about a month off.”

What are some warning signs that you and your significant other need a break?

Cupid’s Advice:

Not all breaks are a bad thing.  Sometimes a little time away is needed to ensure what you have with your partner is right, especially if you’re thinking about taking the next step to marriage.

1. You feel bad about yourself: The beginning of a relationship always brings highs to your self-esteem.  If you no longer feel happy — either with yourself or with the partnership — step back and see if you’re happier without your other half.

2. You don’t want to hang out anymore: If you no longer enjoy conversing with your partner, or find yourself trying to avoid contact with him or her, it’s a sign something’s amiss.  You can’t work on a relationship if you can’t communicate with each other — or don’t want to.

3. You compare your partner to other people: The comparison doesn’t have to just be physical; intellectual and emotional comparisons may be more meaningful, especially if you’re looking at things your mate has no power to change.