Cupid's Pulse Article: Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses Insist He’s a Good DadCupid's Pulse Article: Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses Insist He’s a Good Dad

Apparently Charlie Sheen is “winning” with some of his friends in the adult entertainment industry. His “goddesses” Melanie Rios and Kasey Jordan insist that Sheen’s recent antics are not indicative of his ability to be a father and his love for his daughters Sam, 7, and Lola, 5, with Denise Richards and two-year-old twin sons Max and Bob with Brooke Mueller. According to, Rios claims, “He loves his kids and he makes an effort to be there for them.” Even Mueller admits, “He knows he has an addiction and in order to be a good father, he has to kick the addiction. He loves his kids.”

How can you tell if your partner is a good parent?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Patience: Kids can be frustrating and difficult, and the only way to get through being a parent is with a lot of patience.  Look for signs to see how your partner reacts in these high stress situations.

2. Compassion: If your partner is loving and compassionate with you and others, that is most likely the way he will be with your children.

3. Responsible: The decisions you and your partner make with your children can effect them for the rest of their lives. Make sure your mate is responsible enough to handle what is going on now, before you add kids into the mix.