Cupid's Pulse Article: Sanda Bullock Says She’s a ‘Better Person’ After Baby LouisCupid's Pulse Article: Sanda Bullock Says She’s a ‘Better Person’ After Baby Louis

Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock dazzled in red this past Sunday at the 2011 Oscars.  Bullock received her 2010 Best Actress Oscar (for Blind Side)  only to find herself filing for divorce from now ex-husband Jesse James just weeks later. So what was on Bullock’s mind this past Sunday when she was being questioned on the red carpet? According to, it’s on her new main man, baby Louis. Bullock adopted in secret in January of 2010 finally making it public later that spring. The actress, who has returned to making movies again after a year and a half sabbatical gushed about her new life. “It’s made me a better person. I’m more patient and accommodating. I really appreciate where I am.”

Does having a child change your relationship with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Bringing a child into the mix will guarantee  one thing in your relationship, and that’s a major change. Whether that change is for the better or the worse is up to you:

1. Communicate better: With a baby in tow, both of you will be sleepless and irritable. Make sure not to take your lack of sleep out on each other, even if you have to come out right and say it.  Sometimes just acknowledging that you’re tired and easily annoyed can make all the difference.

2. Create a new routine: Long gone are the days o f Friday night dates and lazy Sundays. In their place, you can create new routines and patterns. Suddenly, minor things like brewing coffee for your love in the morning will be just the loving touch he needs.

3. Bringing out the best: Now, it’s not just you that you’re looking out for, but a whole new person. Now is the time when you and your partner really have to have those hard discussions about morals and values, and which ones you’ll be teaching. And if you two can’t agree to disagree on some, then there’s a long road ahead of you.