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Jun 19, 2013 8

Royal Young Explains Why Fame Isn’t Everything In His Memoir ‘Fame Shark’

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Royal Young Explains Why Fame Isn’t Everything In His Memoir ‘Fame Shark’

By Marisa Spano

There is something special about Royal Young, and it’s not just his name. Perhaps it’s his hefty quantity of charisma and understanding of the world around him. The 28-year-old writer was born Hazak Brozgold to a Jewish family on New York’s lower east side. He spent much of his young life looking for a spotlight, and now that he’s finally got one, he’s urging people to understand the downsides of fame.

To the American culture, fame means money, mansions and adoring fans. Most people think of the perks instead of the downfalls. But is fame a good thing? That’s the very question that this author and Interview Magazine writer answers in his recently-released memoir, Fame Shark. Young’s memoir outlines his past obsession with being famous and uses his history to illustrate to young people why a fixation with celebrity can be damaging. When CupidsPulse.com chatted with Young, he opened up about initial resistance to his memoir, the story behind his name and his new perspective on fame.

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