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May 12, 2011 0

Every Royal Divorce Begins with a Royal Kiss

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Every Royal Divorce Begins with a Royal Kiss
Kate Middleton and Prince William. Photo: FlynetUK/Flynetpictures.com

By Dr. Kenneth Ryan

It’s a fact. I’m not throwing cold water on the big wedding. It was beautiful, and I wish Kate and William all the best.  I’m just saying you can’t judge a relationship by the beauty of the couple or the smiles at the wedding.  Kate caught the Prince’s attention with her invisible dress, and now it looks like they are living the dream.  But they have a tough road ahead.  Diana and Fergie’s marriages began the same way – just like dozens of U.S. celebrities.  As outsiders, there’s no way to know if the royal relationship is built on a solid foundation or if it’s as flimsy as her see-through wardrobe.  Kate and William are really no different than any other couple getting married, as they have great optimism and excitement about their future together.  They’ve already beat the odds by converting eight years of living together into a marriage, because a University of Denver study found that only one in ten couples who live together are still together five years later.

Celebrities have it tough when it comes to relationships.  They’re no wiser than you or me, but their every move is monitored and discussed.   In fact, they’re probably even more confused about relationships than you, because their world is so artificial.  Every person a celebrity meets is suspect because so many people are awed by them, in love with them (fantasy) or just to want to exploit them.   It’s a tangled web of mixed motives when judging any potential suitor, but celebrities have it the worst.  Therefore, it makes no sense to look upon the beautiful people with envy or to necessarily emulate their courtship strategies.   You might end up emulating a “Bad Romance.”

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