Celebrity Weddings

If you’re looking for information on the latest celebrity wedding or celebrity engagement announcement, the Celebrity Weddings page is for you! Find out which new celebrity couples are planning on a walk down the aisle and where their celebrity honeymoon will take place. Whether you use the dating and relationship advice to drop subtle hints to your boyfriend about the size and shape of your engagement ring or creatively emulate your favorite reality TV star’s celebrity wedding, the articles on this page can help you plan a celebrity-inspired affair. You will also discover which recently married celebrity couples are living happily ever after and how they keep their celebrity marriages alive. You can find answers to tough questions regarding your relationship and love life, like how to know if your partner is The One, what type of ceremony best fits your personality, and the rules of etiquette for the invitations, wedding shower, bridesmaids’ favors, and destination weddings. You can also check out these exclusive celebrity interviews where we caught up with some of our favorite famous couples and talked about their celebrity romances.