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Cupid's Pulse Article: Adam Gilad: Emmy Nominated Executive ProducerA prolific author, speaker, screenwriter, film producer, mentor and executive love coach, Adam Gilad lives to spark his readers, clients and audiences into creating a robust, daring and fearless life of love, adventure and nurturance. An Emmy Nominated Executive Producer, Adam forges a unique mix of New York humor, global wisdom, advanced scholarship and communication expertise that has attracted a dating and relationship audience of over 50,000.

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He has authored countless audio trainings and written several books, specializing in learning the “language” of the other gender, cultivating a dance of the sexes rather than a “battle,” the play of sexual polarity as well as a determined fearlessness in self-awareness, self-evolution, global responsibility, compassion and forgiveness.  Adam is a member of the Wisdom Council of the Center for World Spirituality, based in Monterrey, California. He is the father of 2 outstanding young men, who have taught him more than all the above.