By Kyanah Murphy

Loss comes with difficult times for people, even for celebs. For Nick Gordon, that meant a wrongful death suit brought on by former celebrity love Bobbi Kristina Brown’s co-conservator. reports that Gordon’s lawyers filed to dismiss this lawsuit. While the former celebrity couple had their fair share of problems, Gordon’s lawyers stated that the accusations against Gordon are simply not true.

Celebrity love no more. What are some ways to deal with a partner who has wronged you?

Cupid’s Advice:

With any love (not just celebrity love), there may be instances where your partner wrongs you either accidentally or unforutnately on purpose. Here are some tips for dealing with being wronged by your partner:

1. Accept that you have been wronged: When it comes to your partner, it can be incredibly difficult to accept that they have wronged you no matter how great or small. You must accept the fact that they have done whatever they did in order to move on in your healing process.

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2. Reject negativity: Don’t let this negative experience turn you into a negative person. This experience will hurt and will change you in some ways, but behave in a manner in which you are proud to look back upon.

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3. Realize it’s not your fault: You might blame yourself and try to assess to the situation in order to determine what you’ve done wrong. The truth is: you didn’t. Sometimes misery loves company and that’s why your partner wronged you.

Have you needed to deal with a partner who has wronged you? Share how you handled it below!