By Kyanah Murphy

Hooray! With all the celebrity couples that are splitting up, there’s another golden nugget among the rocks! There is indeed a new budding celebrity romance with Sandra Bullock and beau Bryan Randall! reports that Jennifer Aniston is very happy for Bullock’s new celebrity romance. The celebrity couple made their public debut at Aniston’s private wedding ceremony last month.

There’s a new celebrity romance in Hollywood! What are some ways to support your friend’s new relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Showing support isn’t just tied to celebrity romance; you can show your support for your friend’s new relationship, too! Here’s how:

1. Express Interest in the relationship: Ask your friend how their relationship is going with their new partner. You can also ask your friend about their new partner to get to know who they are. Be sure to have genuine interest.

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2. Ask to meet your friend’s new partner: Be it a double date or a small group get together, ask to meet your friend’s new partner! However, do not pressure them into it; if the time isn’t right, wait until your friend and their partner are ready. Even if they’re not ready, at least your friend knows you want to meet them!

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3. Openly express your support: The most obvious way to show your support is by letting your friend know you support the relationship! Speak of their relationship in a positive way, and let them know you’re happy for them.

How do you show support for a friend’s new relationship? Share below!