In this week’s Single in Stilettos relationship advice video, founder and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima talks to dating expert David Crowther about one part of looking for a relationship and love that you must accept: rejection.

Expert Relationship Advice About Rejection

As Oshima says, “Nobody likes rejection.” For some people, if they face too much rejection, they want to stop dating all together, which is a huge mistake. According to the relationship advice video, it can affect us physically. For instance, we may experience a tight feeling in our chest or the blood rush to our face. “With the proper outlook and a grandiose goal, it’s something you can overcome,” Crowther explains.

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The dating expert also discusses the idea of the default future, which means that, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to continue following the same path. Instead, you must step outside of your comfort zone and put yourself in the position to be rejected. Eventually, you’ll realize that those guys aren’t the right fit for you anyways!

Check out the rest of his love advice in the video above!

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