By Maria N. Capalbo

The party just doesn’t stop for Scott Disick. According to, after his celebrity split with celebrity ex Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick is continuing to party, and has not come back to stay at Kardashian’s house! Disick has been to Punta Mita, CA, various nightclubs, and even lounging poolside at some resorts! It seems he’s been everywhere, but home. For the sake of his family, hopefully he settles down soon.

These celebrity exes aren’t calling a truce just yet. What are some ways to cope with your ex moving on?

Cupid’s Advice:

Moving on from a past relationship and love life may be difficult and times. Cupid has some love advice on ways to cope with your ex moving on below:

1. Meet new people: Meeting new people will always take your mind off of an ex! There are so many fish in the sea, and wasting your energy on your ex is old news. See who else is out there, and have fun exploring.

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2. Remove their personal items: Definitely throw out all their belongings that surround you. There is no need to be reminded of them. You could even sell some items! Anything to keep them from making you sad will work.

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3. Go out with friends: Spend your quality time with friends and even make some new ones! Go out to different places with your friends and strengthen your bond with them instead of being sad at home.

What are some ways you’ve moved on from your ex? Share below!