By Maria N. Capalbo

Seat-belts fastened, and off they go! According, Hollywood couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are enjoying their amazing celebrity honeymoon at the luxe Four Seasons Resort in the French Polynesian isle. Right after they exchanged vows at their celebrity wedding, the duo hopped on a private jet with a small group of close friends. They stayed in an oceanfront villa, stocked with wine, beer, and fruit that was around $4,000 a night! They also enjoyed fine-dining, fresh fish, and some cocktails.

This celebrity honeymoon is one for the books, but we don’t all have unlimited funds. What are some ways to make your honeymoon special on a budget?

Cupid’s Advice: 

After tying the knot, it is nice to get away and have a great and memorable time with your significant other, but sometimes we may not be able to afford everything we want! Cupid has some suggestions on ways to make your honey moon special on a budget below:

1. Take a group: If you plan your get away with some friends, the expenses will surely be cheaper. Rent a villa, and split the payments between all of you!

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2. Look for deals: Since everything is usually planned out in advance, while you’re planning the wedding, plan the honeymoon, too! There are always great deals out there. Also, checking apps or sites that are renowned for offering vacation getaway deals is a smart idea too!

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3. Stay close to home: You could always go to a nice spot close to where you both reside that has never been visited before! There are many opportunities to do something spontaneous and memorable close by.

What are some ways you have made your honeymoon special on a budget? Share below!