Jewel and Ty Murray have finally found out the sex of their baby.  It’s a boy! The couple is very excited to finally be able to get the ball rolling on decorating the nursery.  “We would have been happy either way, of course, but we are so excited to be having a little boy,” Jewel, 36, tells People.  Murray agrees, saying, “I have to admit, I was doing a little dance on our way out of the doctor’s office when we found out!”

How do you prepare for a baby boy versus a girl? Cupid’s Advice:Although any baby is a blessing, the way you prepare for each one can vary.  Cupid has some tips on how to prepare for a baby boy versus a girl:

1. Blues and greens: Now that you know you’re having a little boy, ditch the pinks and stock up on the typical boy colors.  Even though people say yellow is neutral, it’s cute to pair it with blues and greens as well.

2. Baby boy themes: You want to design the nursery with your new baby boy in mind.  Trucks, airplanes and trains are always safe picks for boy nursery decor.  Dinosaurs and farm animals are also great choices.

3. Plan of action: Before your baby is born, make sure to discuss how you want to raise him.  Put together a plan for how you’re going to instill values (like how to treat women) in him.