By Ryan Bonner

Michael Sheen, star of Showtime’s Masters of Sex recently told that he and his celebrity love, Sarah Silverman, are huge Bachelorette fans, and they were not expecting the most recent finale to go as it did. Unfortunately for them, their favorite contestants did not make it to the final rose ceremony.

These Bachelorette fans are speaking out! What do you do if a friend is with someone you don’t think he/she should be with?

Cupid’s Advice:

Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman aren’t the biggest fans of this year’s Bachelorette final rose ceremony. Having a friend who doesn’t accept your significant other can be hard. If you’re in this situation, Cupid has advice for you:

1. Have them get to know each other: You can’t convince your friend that who you’re dating is the right person for you if they don’t get to know one another. Set up a day for the three of you to get together and be able to have them connect.

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2. Listen to their concerns: If your friend sees something that may not be in your best interests, hear them out. Catch the problem early on in the relationship before it becomes more serious.

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3. Go with your instincts: Most importantly, you must go with how you feel. Only you know how your relationship is, so have a good judgement of character, and go with your gut.

How have you dealt with a friend who doesn’t accept your relationship? Comment below!