Kate Hudson may be three months pregnant, but she has no immediate plans to marry the father of her child, Muse musician Matt Bellamy, according to UsMagazine.com.  The actress, 31, has a previous child with rocker Chris Robinson; her son, Ryder, is now 6.  “[Hudson] wanted Ryder to have a sibling, and Matt happened to be her boyfriend,” explained a source.  “[Bellamy] went along with it.”

Should you marry the father of your child?

Cupid’s Advice:

Single mothers are becoming more and more common.  Before committing to the father of your child, you should consider a few of the following:

1. The baby: Make sure that you are marrying your partner for the right reasons.  If you’re only tying the knot because of your pregnancy, take your beliefs and values into question.  Having a child together may not be good enough of a reason to commit to each other for life.

2. Your financial future: Don’t get married for financial reasons.  Money is one of the key factors that can ruin a relationship.  There’s always child support if you’d rather not tie the knot with the father of your child.

3. Your feelings: Analyze your relationship with the father of your child.  If you’re in love, and you feel that a life with him would make you happy, then go for it!  Having a traditional family arrangement is just an added bonus.