By Courtney Omernick reported that celebrity couple David Abrams and Jennie Garth tied the knot on Saturday, July 11th.The celebrity wedding took place at Garth’s home in California at 7 p.m. Many pals of Jennie were in attendance, such as Tori Spelling and Miguel Pinzon.

This celebrity wedding took place at sunset. How do you decide on the timing of your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

While this celebrity couple decided that sunset was the best time for a wedding, not everyone will agree. See below for our love advice on when to tie the knot:

1. Consider your personality: If you’re thinking about the time of day, consider if you’re a morning person or an evening person. It might be too much to have the wedding earlier in the day and the reception later at night. Decide if you’d rather stay up later or get up earlier.

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2. Consider the holidays: If you’re trying to pick a date, think about what holidays might be close to your wedding day. Seeing as how many people travel to see their families during the holiday season, don’t expect a ton of people to show up if your big day is right around Christmas time.

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3. How long have you been engaged?: If you want a larger, more elaborate wedding, it’s going to take some time to plan. If you’ve only been engaged to the person of your dreams for a month, don’t expect to have every detail squared away immediately.

How did you decide on the timing of your wedding? Comment below!