By Courtney Omernick

Sofia Vergara recently admitted to E! that her celebrity wedding to Joe Manganiello will happen soon! The celebrity engagement happened over Christmas Eve while Sofia and Joe were in Mexico. The celebrity couple has been together for about a year. Sofia also noted that the celebrity wedding will be happening “far, far, away.”

This much awaited celebrity wedding is drawing near! How do you know when to have your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

With a lot of celebrity relationships turning into celebrity engagements, it can be tempting to try to model your wedding after a celebrity couple’s. However, a wedding is your time to decide what’s right and what will work best for you and your situation, not someone else’s! Below are some ideas to help you figure out when to have your wedding:

1. Weather: The weather might be the number one factor in deciding when to have your wedding. If you’d like an outdoor wedding, but live in the Midwest, you might want to hold off on getting married until June, July, or August.

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2. Holidays and events: Some people might plan their big day during Labor Day or Memorial Day weekend because of the extended time off. However, this might also be time for many other’s family reunions, vacations, etc. If you can, try to stay away from a holiday weekend or weekends during the year where you have large family events.

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3. Dates with significance: If the two of you met in January, but started dating in April, you might want to select a date during one of those two months, if you’re having a hard time deciding on when the big day will be.

How did you know when to have your wedding? Comment below!