By Courtney Omernick

Single celebrity Ariana Grande seems to be having some identity issues! According to E!,the singer stated that she doesn’t like being known as Big Sean’s celebrity ex. She feels that she is more than just a man’s “past possession.”

Single celebrities have more fun! What are some ways to gain your own identity back post break-up?

Cupid’s Advice:

You don’t have to be celebrity exes to know the feeling of heartbreak. It can take some love advice and healing after the relationship and love is over to really try to get your own identity back. Take some advice from single celebrity Ariana Grande, and do your own thing! And, check out our advice below:

1. Enjoy your alone time: You’ve spent so much time with someone else, that you might have forgotten how to be alone. Embrace the time that you have by yourself, and look at it as an important tool in figuring out who you really are.

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2. Reconnect with friends: Although you’ll want to spend some time alone, don’t spend too much time isolating yourself! Spend some time hanging out with friends that you might have lost touch with. If you can’t remember who you are, your friends will certainly help you revive your personality.

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3. Keep yourself busy: Take on new projects, work on old projects, go back to your hobbies, etc. Make sure to fill up your calendar with exciting events and projects. This will help to keep you from moping and make you more productive.

What are some ways you’ve gained your identity back post break-up? Comment below!