By Courtney Omernick

Surprisingly, Bristol Palin feels “so blessed,” even though her celebrity wedding to Dakota Meyer was canceled. The celebrity couple decided to release a statement on social media about a week before their wedding stating that they would “celebrate life” on their celebrity wedding date instead. According to, Palin snapped a photo on her “wedding day” of her son, Tripp, and their dog out on a bike ride.

Celebrity wedding no more! What are some ways to turn a canceled wedding into a rewarding experience?

Cupid’s Advice:

Even though this celebrity couple is making it look easy, we’re sure this time is still emotional for Bristol and Dakota. We’re glad that Bristol is holding her head high and looking on the bright side. With regards to this celebrity news, below are some ways to turn a canceled wedding into a rewarding experience:

1. Take that vacation: If you planned a honeymoon, or booked a ticket to a foreign country, take the time that you set aside for each other as a time to take a break for yourself. Travel, relax, and have as much fun as you can.

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2. Focus on yourself: Now that your significant other is out of the picture, take time to reevaluate your life and look deep within yourself. What are some areas for self-improvement, healing, etc.?

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3. See it as an option to give back: Have you wondered what you’re going to do with the food you ordered, decorations, etc? You could be like one Atlanta family who donated the four course meal that was supposed to be served at their daughter’s wedding to 200 homeless individuals in 2013. Talk about a way to give back!

With this celebrity news piece in mind, what are some ways you can turn a canceled wedding into a rewarding experience? Comment below!