By Katie Gray

The Princess has arrived! Famous couple Prince William and Kate Middleton have officially welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. According to, “The Duchess, 33, checked into the hospital on Saturday morning with the Duke, 32, by her side. She gave birth to a little girl, weighing 8 pounds and 3 ounces, soon after.” After the debut of the Princess celebrity baby, the happy family returned home to Kensington Palace.

Even if you aren’t a famous couple, birth announcements are fun. Name three unique ways people can announce the birth of their child.

Cupid’s Advice:

Are you having a baby and can’t decide how to announce the big news to family and friends? Cupid has some “out of the box” ways to announce the birth of your child:

1. Gender reveal party: In today’s society, it is becoming a common pattern to have a gender reveal party when you and your partner are expecting a baby. Typically people will have a cake, and inside will be dyed either pink (girl) or blue (boy). People tend to invite family and friends over, and then during the party they cut the cake and reveal the gender. It’s a fun way to announce you’re pregnant and what gender you will be bringing into the world soon. Super cute!

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2. Newborn photo announcements: A common practice still today is newborn photo announcements that parents mail to all of their friends and family following the birth of their infant. Get creative with the announcements. For example, put the message and newborn photo in arts and craft eggs that say “just hatched” or choose a funny theme on the announcement. A great way to capture this happy time is by having family photos taken now that the baby has arrived. Go have a portrait session with your favorite photographer!

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3. Celebrate: Life is one big party! Especially after you have just had a baby, as it is one of the happiest moments in a family’s life. Bring together all of your family and friends for food and fun to celebrate the arrival of your bundle of joy!

What are some other unique ways to announce the birth of your child? Share your ideas below.