By Meranda Yslas

Four years have already passed since Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their celebrity wedding in London. Now the famous couple has even more reason to celebrate this special day, their second baby can arrive any minute now! According to, Middleton’s due date was on April 23rd, but with no sign of the celebrity birth happening, she continued with her normal, everyday activities. The couple has a few anniversary celebrations planned, that is of course, unless the royal baby plans to make his or her debut!

It seems like the royal celebrity wedding was just yesterday! What are some ways to make your anniversary special?

Cupid’s Advice:

Without a doubt the royal celebrity wedding was a big deal, as it was shown on national TV! However, that doesn’t mean the anniversary isn’t just as important. Anniversaries are something to celebrate; they are a symbol of a lasting relationship and love. Rather than letting this day slide under the radar, here a few tips to make this day special:

1. Take a trip: Make this anniversary one to remember and take an exotic vacation. It can be like a second honeymoon and it will give you and your partner some quality alone time.

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2. Get your kinds involved: An anniversary doesn’t have to be exclusively for the married couple, but it can be a family affair. Have your little ones help you prepare a special dish for you and your mate, or spend the day doing something the whole family can enjoy.

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3. Remember your wedding: Dedicate some time for looking back on that special day. Dig out your wedding photo album or pop in the DVD if you had it filmed and over a bottle of wine look back on that day you two said, “I do.”

How did you celebrate your anniversary? Share below!