On this week’s Single in Stilettos show, founder and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima talks to dating expert and relationship author Robert Manni about what women don’t know about men.

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Dating Expert Reveals What Women Don’t Know About Men

According to this relationship advice video, there are three things that women don’t know about men. First, men are not that complicated. The dating expert says that they are very simple creatures — what you see is what you get! Second, they don’t pay attention. They’re consumed with their own lives and often forget to focus on the details of their relationship. If you want him to open up, you have to ease him into it; otherwise, you might scare him away. And finally, men aren’t mind readers. If you feel a certain way, you need to tell him because he probably won’t figure it out on his own. Armed with this love advice, you’ll be ready for your next date!

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