Valeri Bertinelli is hitched!  The actress married her boyfriend of seven years, Tom Vitale, on New Year’s Day at their home in Malibu, People reports.  “We’re so happy!” said Bertinelli.  There were approximately 100 guests at the wedding, including Bertinelli’s son Wolfie from her previous marriage to Eddie Van Halen, who also attended.


Should you invite your ex to your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

Now that you’ve accepted your fiancé’s proposal for marriage and are making your wedding guest list, it’s time to decide whether to invite your ex to the big day.  Cupid has some things to consider:

1. What your fiancé thinks: Will your spouse-to-be feel comfortable with having your ex present at the wedding?  If your ex-partner is a stranger to your future spouse or they aren’t friends, it’s better to leave him off the list.

2. Your friendship: How has your relationship with your ex been since you broke up?  If you’re on good terms and harbor no lingering feelings, consider inviting him to your wedding, only after consulting with your fiancé.

3. Ulterior motives: If your only reason for inviting your ex is so that he can wish you and your spouse-to-be the very best in life, it’s probably not a good enough reason.