If Kourtney Kardashian didn’t know about model Leandro Magno’s feelings before, she sure does now.  In an exclusive video interview with RadarOnline, Mango stated, “If things happen to not work out with Scott Disick,” he would love to be more than friends with Kardashian.  With the hot-cold relationship between Kardashian and Disick, it’s no wonder men are still vying for her affections.  Magno ensured, “There’s definitely attraction from my part … She knows her worth I would say.”  Its clear Magno himself believes he would be an upgrade.  “I do know that I can treat her like a princess she deserves to be.”

What do you do if you know your friend is dating a dud?

Cupid’s Advice:

Everyone wants the best for their friends, especially when it comes to finding “the one.”  However, what happens when your friend believes they’ve found that person, but you couldn’t disagree more?  Cupid has some tips on how to share your thoughts:

1. Break the news gently: No one wants to be blindsided by their best friend when it comes to serious matters.  Avoid bashing and approach your friend tactfully.  The last thing you want is for them to feel attacked and immediately disregard your opinion.

2. Voice your concerns: As a best friend, it’s your job to support unconditionally, which includes the hard stuff.  One way to avoid putting your friend on the defensive is to offer concrete examples.

3. Console and support: Hopefully your friend believes you, in which case a breakup is in sight, and she is going to need a shoulder to lean on.  If things don’t necessarily go your way, remember that sometimes people need to realize things for themselves; support them in the meantime.