By Rebecca White

The celebrity news surrounding famous couple Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus has not been pretty. The rumor mill has been in full swing this week as pictures were released of Schwarzenegger on his spring break, taking shots off of another girl. According to, his sister, Katherine Schwarzenegger, jumped to the defense tweeting that everyone needs to stop spreading hate and insists her brother wouldn’t cheat on Cyrus.

Celebrity news is not always pretty. What are some ways to keep your relationship and dating gossip to a minimum?

Cupid’s Advice:

Thankfully when something goes awry in our relationships and love, it isn’t blasted on social media and hitting the tabloids like celebrity news. While celebrity gossip spreads quicker, there are ways that we can keep the relationship and dating gossip in our lives to a minimum:

1. Make smart choices: Unfortunately, the kind of fun you may have as a single, just isn’t appropriate anymore when you’re in a relationship. Make smart choices and try to avoid body shots and excessive partying without your significant other.

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2. Respect your partner: Romance all comes down to respect. If you respect your partner, ask them what they’re comfortable with you doing, and abide by that, then you shouldn’t give people a reason to gossip.

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3. Communication: Always communicate with your loved one, so if gossip and rumors do start flying around, then they are already aware of the situation. Sometimes you just can’t help it, because people love to talk about others. As long as you both are in the know, then it shouldn’t affect your love life.

What are ways that you keep your relationship and dating gossip to a minimum? Comment below!