By Katie Gray

Talk about true celebrity love! George Clooney is in New York City filming an upcoming film called Money Monster with his friend and costar Julia Roberts.  He clearly realizes that if you work hard, you can play hard. Clooney took a break from business and went on a date with his celebrity wife, Amal Alamuddin. According to, “The couple grabbed a bite to eat at the beloved French restaurant Cafe Boulud in the Upper East Side on Friday, Feb. 27. Afterward, Clooney, 53, was spotted sipping cocktails with his British lawyer love at the Carlyle hotel bar — and a certain Beatle showed up, too! Paul McCartney joined them for a while.” Talk about the perfect date!

We just love this celebrity couple! What are three ways to mix business and pleasure in your love life? 

Cupid’s Advice:

Luckily for us, life isn’t all work and no play. It’s important to enjoy yourself and live your life to the fullest. That means finding a balance between business and pleasure, including in your relationship and love life. Cupid has some tips:

1. Try out new food places: Nothing is better than food. A great way to mix business and pleasure in all aspects of your life, including your relationship and love life, is by trying new places to eat and new styles of food. It’s something you can do on a date night with your partner, out with a large group, by having a dinner party or by making a special meal for your partner all on your own.

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2. Enjoy a drink with people you like: Doctors say that a glass of wine a day is good for your heart. Enjoy a glass of wine or a different drink of your choice with people you enjoy spending time with! It’s a perfect way to mix business and pleasure because the beverage options and locations are endless.

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3. Travel: A great way to enjoy yourself and the company of your partner, is by getting away on a nice vacation. Relax and have fun, this life is yours! Traveling is a fantastic way to mix business and pleasure, because you’re expanding your horizons and taking a much needed break, while experiencing fun adventures.

What are ways you have mixed business and pleasure? Share your stories with us below.