On this week’s Single in Stilettos show, matchmaker Suzanne Oshima talks to dating expert Marni Kinrys about how to handle a bad kisser.

Dating Experts Discuss What to Do About a Bad Kisser

The founder of the Wing Girl Method believes that, unlike women, men don’t like to hear that they’re doing something incorrectly or that they’re turning you off in some way. “So there has to be a gentle way for you to say, “Yeah, you’re the worst kisser in the entire world!” Kinrys explains. According to her expert love advice, the best way to do so is to take on a teacher role and show him in a fun and flirty way how you like to be kissed.

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Afterwards, you want to reward him. “Say something like, ‘That was so sexy the way you were kissing me,'” the relationship expert shares. “Walk him through those steps again so it reinforces what it was he was doing that was correct.”

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