Cupid's Pulse Article: Gaiam Product Review: Learn Yoga and the Art of Self-Love with Rachel Brathen
Learn how yoga can benefit your relationship & love in this Gaiam product review. Rachel Brathen shares love advice through two new yoga programs. Photo courtesy of Gaiam.

This post is sponsored by Gaiam.

By Jenna Bagcal

One of the first steps of being able to love someone else is to learn how to love yourself.  Yoga instructor, motivational speaker, and Yoga Girl author, Rachel Brathen, illustrates the importance of this love advice through her yoga programs. As she shares on her website, “My practice is all about self-love. I want people to come to their mat to be happy and to laugh.” In partnership with Gaiam, the fitness guru is offering two digital-only yoga collections: Find Your Purpose and Release & Let Go! With our product review, find out how you can become the best version of yourself in your everyday life as well as in your relationship and love.

Product Review of Rachel Brathen’s Digital Yoga Collections

The first of the two collections is called Find Your Purpose and is meant to “leave you feeling empowered, energized, and self-aware.” The skills gained from this yoga collection can put you on the path to loving yourself while simultaneously benefiting your relationship and love life. There are five 20-minute Vinsaya flow practices that are included in this collection, including the Everything is Ok flow, which is a calm and nurturing start for your day, or the Rise & Shine flow to give you that much-needed burst of energy in the morning.

The second collection from Brathen is called Release & Let Go! This program, which also features five 20-minute flows, is designed to target areas in your body where you hold a lot of tension. The yogi encourages you to “listen to what your body is telling you” with The Shoulder Unfolder, which targets the shoulders, neck, and upper back. Or you can work up a sweat with the Twist & Shout, a series that stretches your body to leave you feeling refreshed. Releasing this stress is an important part of loving yourself and becoming a better you for your significant other.

Both of Brathen’s programs are available to purchase on for $25 each or $40 for both. They are available to use on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Roku, Chromecast, Mac, and PC. Since they’re digital, you can practice yoga anywhere! So put on your cutest workout clothes, grab your yoga mat, and head to your sweetie’s apartment to bond with him while doing these flows.

For more information about these two yoga programs, check out Stay tuned for our interview with Rachel about her new book Yoga Girl!