By Rebecca White

Taya Kyle showcases her famous relationship with late husband Chris Kyle at the Oscars for American Sniper. According to, she attended the star-studded event not only for her husband, but for veteran families as well. Kyle referred to Warner Brothers like a fairy Godmother, getting her on a plane, which had a dress and jewelry, even the shoes and Spanx waiting for her.

Whether you’re in a famous relationship or not, it’s important to express your feelings to the one you love. What are three ways you can show your partner you care?

Cupid’s Advice:

Hollywood couples may have a different way of showing their celebrity love’s they care during award season, but during everyday life, even these famous couples can use this dating and relationship advice:

1. Romantic gestures: If your relationship and love life needs a little help, then plan some romantic gestures to sweep your partner off their feet. Plan a romantic dinner, organize a day trip, or have a picnic.

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2. Find your loved one’s preferred love language: People receive love differently, so find out your partner’s love language. Whether they want gifts, affirmative words, or actions, give your love based on how they receive it.

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3. Be respectful: Be respectful of your significant other even if you two are fighting. Bring up any concerns directly, don’t talk badly about them behind their back, respect their intelligence, and never resort to name calling.

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