By Rebecca White

The Oscars have come and gone, awards have been handed out, but even famous couples want to find out about the celebrity news regarding the celebrity love stories of the winners. Julianne Moore, who won Best Actress, said that her husband, Bart Fruendlich has been very supportive of her throughout this journey. According to, during her acceptance speech, Moore gushed that her husband was the first person to see the movie and predicted that she would win an Oscar.

The latest celebrity news about Julianne Moore’s husband predicting her Oscar win makes for a wonderful celebrity love story. What are some ways to encourage your partner in his/her career?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whether you’re in the celebrity news or not, supporting your partner in their career is of the utmost importance in any relationship. Here are some ways to encourage your partner in their profession, like these married celebrity couples:

1. Give each other space; growing separately does not mean growing away: Sometimes the best thing you can do is give your significant other space. Getting there on your own is half the fun of achieving any goal. Don’t take that away from your partner.

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2. Show your love that you’re interested in their work: Ask them questions and learn about the daily characters that show up in their day to day stories. You can’t offer genuine support if you don’t know what they spend their days doing.

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3. Be their sounding board: Make sure you ask how your partner’s day went and actually listen to the answer. Be supportive and understanding. Encourage your love by offering them the opportunity to feel truly heard and understood.

How do you encourage your partner in their career? Comment below!