By Rebecca White

Cupid strikes just before Valentine’s Day, and new celebrity couples feel it’s time to put their affection on display. According to, the latest celebrity news is surrounding celebrity couple Ariana Grande and Big Sean as they recently made their relationship and love official by hitting the red carpet together at The Grammy’s. The duo started dating over the summer, confirmed their relationship in October, but have made few public appearances outside of performing together.

Celebrity couple Ariana Grande and Big Sean made their relationship and love official at this year’s Grammy Awards. What are some ways to announce your relationship to family and friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

Unlike this celebrity couple, we can’t exactly announce our relationship and love on the red carpet, even though it’d be awesome! Here are some unique ways to tell your family and friends there’s a special someone in your life:

1. Have an intimate gathering: Invite all your closest family and friends over for a dinner party and, while everyone is enjoying their champagne, make a toast as a new couple. Then, you can celebrate and share your happiness with everyone who is important to you.

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2. Skype or video: Go somewhere special, or on a vacation, and make a video to show your loved ones. At the end of the video share a kiss and announce to the world that you’re an item. You can record a video or do this over Skype as a unique way to share the news.

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3. Brag book: Send a brag book to your parents and friends with pictures of you and your significant other, leaving many pages blank, and saying “to be continued.” This way your family will know that you have a lifetime of memories to fill in to the book.

How do you announce your relationship to family and friends? Comment below!